Surgeries at our Edmonton
Spay and Neuter Clinic

Surgery being performed at our Edmonton spay clinic

Calgary Trail Pet Hospital takes pride in performing a wide range of surgeries for our patients. Our list of surgery services include spays, neuters, dentistries, abdominal surgery, lump removals, and much more.

We work closely with specialists for complex surgical procedures or those cases requiring 24 hour monitoring. With state of the art monitoring equipment and a team approach to anesthesia that includes a registered animal technician assigned to each patient, we are able to tailor our anesthetic protocol to each individual case, whether it is a healthy pet for an elective surgery or a higher risk older patient. Pain control is paramount, and general anesthesia is often complemented with local or regional freezing which allows us to safely discharge most patients on the same day.

When comparing spay and neuter clinics in the Edmonton area, keep in mind that we make sure that each one of our employees stays up to date with latest veterinary trends and pain management techniques. Because of our well educated, and compassionate staff members, we are confident that our clinic provides the most trustworthy and reliable services around. Be sure to call us today to schedule your pet's appointment!